ADIT Group and PLATO Institute of International Strategic Extroversy sign Memorandum of Understanding

ADIT Group the French Strategic Intelligence company and PLATO Strategic Intelligence have a long standing mutually beneficial relationship with PLATO acting as a subcontractor of ADIT for over a decade. During this period, the two companies have developed a fruitful collaboration with good communication, mutual respect and focus on quality, integrity and customer satisfaction. Thus, they have […]

PLATO INSTITUTE of International Strategic Extroversy has been Established in Athens, Greece

PLATO INSTITUTE of International Strategic Extroversy is a legal entity created in Greece by professionals with 20 years of applied field experience in Strategic Extroversy, Competitive Intelligence, Strategic Intelligence and Enhanced Due Diligence. We enable Greek, Cypriot and Balkan companies to approach International Markets with Strategic Extroversy, to effectively Export goods and services by forming collaborations with[…..]